We are the European distributors of Keewell infusion warmers for veterinarians.

Q-Warm: Technical specifications

Temperature setting: 39˚C (Ex-works)

Power supply: AC 100~240V/50~60Hz

Power consumption: Max. 45W

Degree of protection against ingress of liquids: IPX2

Warming up time: From 20˚C to 36˚C approx. 2 min.

Overheat protection: 41±1˚C

Low temperature alarm: 37˚C

Operating mode: Continuous

Dimensions: Control body (LxDxH) 72x25x90mm

                     Warming profile 1.0 meter

Weight: 700g

Q-Warm: Technology of control

- Easy to operate with one touch control.

- Three led lights and the audio signal to indicate the working states of the device:

The Low Temp Light (orange) will flash when the temperature of the warming profile is under 37°C.

The 39 °C Light (green) will be on while the temperature of the warming profile is 39±2°C.

The High Temp Light (red) will flash with an audio alarm when the temperature of the warming profile is above 41°C. The heating is then switched off.

- Open system: Compatible wit other warming system, infusion pumps and feeding pumps.

Outstanding features of Q-Warm

The Q-Warm is considered by most veterinarians as “best in class” because it incorporates the newest technology:

- The tube is completely wrapped in, so a minimum of warmth can get lost before the fluid reaches the patient.

- Extremely easy to operate thanks to the one touch control.

- Accepts almost every tubing size.

- Very easy to position in combination with infusion pump or other devices.

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